Which services do you need?

Your response to this question will match you with professionals who provide the type of services you need. This the first of eight questions that will determine your search parameters.

Be sure to check all of the services that you need!

Note: Some professionals are specialized and offer one service, for example planning. Other professionals provide combinations of services, for example planning/advisory or planning/management.

Planners  (A) provide various types of planning services including financial, retirement, estate, education, tax, and charitable. You will see the specific services provided by the planner when you review his or her profile. If you also need help investing your assets you will also check "B" and/or "C".

Advisors (B) provide various types of investment services that include development of strategy and policy, asset allocation, portfolio optimization, manager search, and performance reporting. Advisors do not make decisions on your behalf. They provide information and recommendations and you act as your own decision-maker. Professionals call this a non-discretionary relationship.

Managers (C) provide many of the same services as advisors, however they will make decisions on your behalf and without your approval in advance. For example a manager will develop an asset allocation model, select managers, and execute investment decisions - all without checking with you in advance. Professionals call this a discretionary relationship.

Limited Engagement (D), as the name implies, means you need professional help for a project that's for a limited amount of time. Planning, advising, and managing services are based on ongoing, continuous relationships. Limited engagement may be the few hours it takes to review your current financial plan and recommend changes.

Not Sure (E) what type of service provider you need? By checking "E" you will be matched with advisors who provide a variety of services. Talking to professionals who provide different services may help you determine which type of service(s) you need.

If you are still not sure what type of professional you need, contact Paladin at and we will help you select the right type of financial professional for your needs.

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