Quick Search

Paladin provides two types of Quick Search functions that help you find advisors in your area fast: location and name.

You input your location by picking your state and zone. Paladin's search engine will match you to professionals who work in that state and zone. Zones are geographical areas that can be major metropolitan areas (San Francisco Bay Area), partial states (North Florida), or full states (Delaware). When you conduct a search by location you will see all of the advisors in that geography with no further refinements to your search.

You can input a professional's name and access his or her rating, profile, and disclosure statement quickly. This type of Quick Search works if you know the professional's name and you know the professional is in the Registry. This type of Quick Search does not work if you know the professional's name, but do not know he or she is profiled in the Registry. Fewer than one out of 650 professionals are profiled in the Registry, therefore the probability is extremely low that just any professional will be profiled there.

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