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Paladin is an information services company that documents the credentials and business practices of high quality financial professionals and validates the information with ratings. We also sponsor the Paladin Registry that matches investors with competent, trustworthy advisors and provides the information investors need to screen, evaluate, select, and contact exceptional professionals.


Our Independence

Paladin Investor Resources, LLC, operates and is 100% owned by partners who are active in the company. No financial services company or advisor has an equity interest in Paladin.


Our Licensing

Paladin and its professional staff do not hold licenses that permit the sale of any financial or insurance products, nor can the company or staff participate in the revenue streams of Registry advisors. 


Our Objectivity

Advisors cannot buy ratings or admittance to the Registry. They have to earn them with top notch credentials, clean compliance records, voluntary disclosures, and a willingness to put investor interests ahead of their own.


Our Credibility

The highly acclaimed book, Who’s Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor was authored by Paladin’s founder. The Principles in the book are the foundation for the services on this website.


Our Specialized Services

Paladin specialists are experts at finding high quality financial professionals and documenting their credentials and business practices. We use the information we obtain to develop ratings, profiles, and disclosures for advisors who are admitted to the Registry. 


Our Team

Our team is comprised of 16 professionals who are partners and associates. Each team member is a specialist who is focused on a particular service or function, including software development and maintenance, website design and content, network administration, search engine optimization, advisor research, operations, investor services, marketing, accounting, legal, and communications.


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