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Paladin provides five services and products for investors who rely on planners, advisors, and managers to achieve their financial goals.


Paladin Registry

Investors use the Registry to find, screen, and evaluate financial professionals. The service is completely confidential, no registration is required, and you control which advisors contact you. There is no charge to use this service.


Credentials & Validations

Paladin issues a rating for each professional in the Registry that validates his or her credentials. Advisors with more education and experience have higher ratings and advisors with lesser amounts have lower ratings. There is no charge to use this service.


Custom Search

Paladin professionals provide custom search services for investors who prefer to rely on non-Registry advisors. Our services can be used for current or prospective advisors. We can also find high quality professionals in your community using our proprietary database of trusted advisors. There is a fee for this personalized service.  for more information about custom search.


Investor Education

A high percentage of the content on this website is devoted to increasing the knowledge of the investors who rely on financial professionals to achieve their goals. The information is free, and you don’t have to register to use it. You’ll find most of the content How to Avoid Bad Advisors and Help (?)


Who’s Watching Your Money?

Authored by the founder of Paladin, this is the only book that describes the critical differences between high and low quality financial professionals. To purchase the book, click here, or go to, other electronic booksellers, or any major bookstore.


Check all the services you need.
A. I need help developing a plan (financial, retirement, estate, tax) for my financial future.
B. I need help investing my assets.
C. I need a manager who will make investment decisions for me.
D. I need a financial professional who will complete a limited engagement project for me.
E. I'm not sure what services I need. (Show all types of advisors)

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