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Bob Smith will receive an $875,000 distribution from Acme Industrial's profit-sharing plan when he retires in 90 days. He has an immediate need for a competent, trustworthy professional who can help him develop a retirement plan and invest his assets. Bob has been approached by Fred, his casualty insurance agent; Alice, a representative from his bank; and Greg, an RIA who was recommended by his CPA. All three advisors are personable, friendly, and describe themselves as competent, trustworthy financial professionals. Bob's insurance company and bank are brand name companies, and he has used their services for years.


Bob doesn't know Fred and Alice are investment representatives who sell mutual fund, annuity, and life insurance products for commissions. He also doesn't know their companies use trust, developed in their core businesses, to leverage relationships with existing customers and maximize financial product revenues. These deceitful tactics will damage Bob, but they will also damage Greg, the "real expert" who has to compete with Fred, Alice, and the reputations of their employers. 


Paladin solves this problem for Bob and Greg. Our founder wrote Who’s Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor, and it’s the only book that describes the critical differences between good and bad advisors. If Bob read this book, he would never turn his financial future over to Fred or Alice. Plus, PaladinRegistry.com is a unique resource for investors like Bob. He can use the information on our website to avoid bad advisors and use the Registry to find, evaluate, and select Greg and other competent, trustworthy professionals like him.  


Paladin provides three types of services that empower Greg and his peers to develop competitive advantage and achieve a high winning percentage for new clients.


Credentials, Ratings & Certificates      

We provide documentation that proves your competency and integrity. You use this proof to differentiate your services from competitors - all financial professionals are not alike. Investors know about three, four, and five star mutual funds. Now there are three, four, and five star advisors based on the strength of their credentials and ethics.


Matching Investors to Advisors

We increase the visibility of high quality professionals by profiling their credentials in the Registry. Investors, trustees, referral sources, centers of influence, and others use Paladin's search engine and data to find, screen, evaluate, and select financial planners, advisors, and managers.


Marketing Resource Center

Once investors have reviewed your documents in the Registry and initiated contact, your next step is winning relationships. Paladin provides a unique array of powerful marketing tools that produce competitive advantage for Registry advisors. We even guarantee the quality of our work. If you aren't completely satisfied, we'll refund 100% of any service fee you may have paid.


Click here to initiate the Paladin online registration process. It takes less than 30 minutes and it can change your future.

if you would like additional information about the Registry, the registration process, or our marketing services.

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