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The Paladin Registry helps you find, screen, evaluate, and select financial planners, advisors, and managers. You spend a minute inputting your specific requirements, and our sophisticated search engine does the rest. In a matter of seconds, you'll see ratings and documented credentials for professionals in your community who have the knowledge and integrity to help you achieve your most important financial goals.


Following are a few characteristics that are unique to our Paladin Registry service.


Free Service

There is no charge or obligation when you use the Registry to find, screen, evaluate, and contact advisors.


Professional Ratings

Want a three, four, or five-Star rated advisor helping you plan your financial future and invest your assets? You’ll find this professional in the Paladin Registry. 


High Minimum Standards

Only three, four, and five star rated advisors are admitted to the Paladin Registry. Our minimum requirements are the highest in the financial services industry.


Comprehensive Research

We ask advisors 140 tough questions so you don't have to. You can review their answers in Professional Profiles and Disclosure Statements.



No advisor can buy admittance to the Paladin Registry. The have to earn it with top notch credentials, high integrity, and a minimum three star rating.


Confidential Service

You can find and evaluate financial professionals while protecting your privacy. We don’t even require registration to use our service. You will "know" a lot about the advisors you "select” for interviews before you "initiate" contact with them.


No Conflicts of Interest

Paladin is NOT a financial services company and we are NOT licensed to participate in the professionals’ revenue streams. Our role is to provide independent, objective advisor ratings and third party documentation for their credentials.



Check all the services you need.
A. I need help developing a plan (financial, retirement, estate, tax) for my financial future.
B. I need help investing my assets.
C. I need a manager who will make investment decisions for me.
D. I need a financial professional who will complete a limited engagement project for me.
E. I'm not sure what services I need. (Show all types of advisors)

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