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Professionals who are willing to put your financial interests ahead of their own are rare. You'll find them in the Paladin Registry.

Our Standards
The Registry has the highest minimum standards in the financial services industry.

Our Ratings
Looking for Five-Star rated advisors? You'll find them in the Paladin Registry. Only Three, Four, and Five Star rated advisors are admitted to the Registry.

Our Objectivity
Professionals can't buy admittance to the Registry! They have to earn it with top notch credentials and clean compliance records.

Our Research
We ask the tough questions so you don't have to. Plus, you get to see advisor responses so you have the information you need to select the right professional for you.

Important Pricing Announcement!
Paladin is launching an enhanced Advisor Registry service in February, 2005 that will be free to investors. If you conduct a search for a financial professional on our site between now and when the new site is launched, we will refund $40 of the $49 subscription fee. The remaining $9 covers our cost for processing your card payment and issuing the refund check. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we make the transition from a fee to a free service for investors. This transition approach means we can focus our development resources on the enhanced site and not waste valuable time re-programming the functionality on this site.

Click here to initiate your search for a new new financial planner, advisor, or manager.
The Paladin Registry Provides!

Complete Objectivity
No Conflicts of Interest
High Minimum Standards
Advisor Ratings
Advisor Research
Advisor Compliance Checks
Interview and Selection Tools

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